TBT to That Time I Dropped a Class, and Drank Black Coffee, Because of a Boy

Once upon a time, I sought to diversify my resume. I planned to add a computer science minor to my English major, making it pretty much impossible for any company to refuse my multi-talented self.

Before declaring though, I decided to take a few trial run courses to make sure I could hack it (see what I did there?) in the world of ones and zeros.

One of these courses was Web Theory and Design. I imagined all the ways it would be useful in my very lucrative future and just knew I was on track to prove everyone wrong who assumed being a barista was the only viable option available to English majors.

However, Web Theory and Design was, fittingly, an online class. Online classes are challenging for those of us who are…let’s just say…lacking in the time management department.

Unit one was due Friday. I met my friend (and a few other frantic classmates) to START working on it Thursday night.

Yep. I was that student.

After an hour or so of working diligently on what proved to be a very complicated assignment for me, I got a text from a boy with the three words every college girl wants to hear:

You want coffee?

We had only been texting for a little while, and had never officially gone out together, but I wasted no time in texting back.

Yes, yes I did want coffee thank you very much.

He showed up a little while later with a huge thermos full, and we talked for two hours while standing in the parking lot.

Only when my friend started texting me thinking I had been kidnapped did I finally go back up to the computer lab, where I drank two cups of BLACK coffee, shut my computer down, and announced to my friend that I would be dropping Web Theory and Design.

Maybe it was the cute boy who distracted me from my determination to rule the world through both written word and typed HTML.

Maybe it was standing for two hours that caused all the common sense to drain from my brain.

Or, maybe it was when he shyly handed me the old book about the bird girl that reminded me of my love for literature.

Now, that same boy makes me coffee every morning.

He puts cream in it.