Friday Favorites #3

Hello friends, and welcome to Friday! This week was a busy one and went by fast! I’m looking forward to a chance to get caught up on things and spend time with friends.

Time to celebrate this week’s highlights!

  1. Breakfast Potatoes – I mentioned these in Monday’s post, but man oh man I didn’t know how awesome they would be! They need to be called something like All Day Potatoes because they were so tasty and were awesome in so many meals this week. I covered the Russet potatoes in cheese and bacon for dinner Sunday night, covered them again in cheese as a side dish on Monday, and combined the sweet potatoes with apple sausage and eggs for dinner on Wednesday! I almost need to make two batches; that’s how much we loved these!

    breakfast potatoes

    Ready to bake!

  2. Early Birthday Dinner with the Grandparents – My mom is going out of town for the next week or so, so we had my early birthday dinner this week. My Poppa (the unofficial chef) made chicken alfredo, garlic bread, and salad for dinner (my request), and we had my signature cake for dessert. Seriously, I’ve had this cake every year for my birthday for about 20 years. It’s the best. We’re also cat sitting while Mom is gone, and somebody is NOT happy about it.


    Touch me and die, human.

3. Kitchen Renovation – No, not mine. I wish! My mom’s landlords are redoing her kitchen because of some structural issues with the floor. That means new cabinets, new floors, and new paint! Here’s the before so you can fully appreciate her nice new one in a couple weeks! That’s when it’s supposed to be finished anyway. We’ll see. I had a blast working with Mom and Grandma to get it all emptied. Those women are crazy…

kitchenbefore2kitchen before

4. Thirty-One Tote Steal! – Since I’ve officially become an Aldi convert, I needed something to use to carry my groceries since they don’t use bags. So far, I’ve just been putting the loose groceries in my car and using a laundry basket to carry them inside. Classy, I know. I wanted a pretty Thirty-One Tote, but couldn’t justify the $50 price tag. Luckily, I found out one of my co-workers is a rep, and she had one on sale for half price! It even came with a lid! I may have been a little too excited about this. Now I can get my super cheap groceries in style! 🙂

tote bag

It’s so pretty!! Look at all that room!

Yes, two of my favorite things are food related. #fatgirlstatus

How was your week? Do you have a go-to recipe that you make every week?



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