TBT to Our First Home

Picture of our first home

One of my favorite stories from people who have been married awhile is the one about their first home. Even if they were dirt poor when they got married and could barely afford a one bedroom apartment, they almost always get this glazed, lovey-dovey look on their faces when they go back to that point in their lives. Ahhh…the romance…

We’ve only been married for a little over 2 1/2 years, and we’ve only lived in our new house for about half that time, but I get just as dreamy-eyed when I look back at our time spent in our first home.

Picture of our first home

Because we weren’t super young when we got married, we were a little better off financially than some and were able to look for houses to rent instead of apartments. Which is a good thing, because my Missouri-born husband was used to being miles away from his neighbors, and I think he would have gone nuts if he had to share walls with strangers.

We actually found our house very quickly. We sat down one afternoon about six months before our wedding, pulled up Craigslist, and saw this beautiful, old farmhouse for rent right within our price range. We drove by to make sure the neighborhood wasn’t sketchy, and called to schedule a showing.

Picture of our first house

This room was always so dark!

Right after we scheduled it, however, we got the most terrible news. My husband’s grandfather had passed away. Not only were we heartbroken, now, he would be travelling to Missouri and would be gone the day we were supposed to see the house.

Since, we were both really interested in it, we decided that I would go anyway. I took my mother so she could keep me grounded. I tend to be overly optimistic when it comes to looking at houses and was afraid I would miss something super obvious, like the house not having a bathroom or something. When we pulled in the driveway, we were greeted by an older man in a Hawaiian print shirt and shorts who was covered in white paint. After we introduced ourselves, he started walking us through the house.

Picture of our first home

   Isn’t that an awesome table? Yeah, it’s actually a desk. My first decorating “hack” and I was so proud!

I still laugh when I think about how I fell in love with the house even though it was still full of the previous renters things, was in desperate need of a good scrubbing, and smelled…funky. For some strange reason, all I saw were original hardwood floors (the house was built in 1907!), a wood-burning fireplace in the bedroom, a beautiful front porch and side screened-in porch, and a gorgeous yard. I was in love.

PIcture of our first home

      See the fireplace?! I still miss it.

If you haven’t caught on by now, we rented the house. And Hubs hadn’t even seen it yet, other than driving by. I was so nervous when he came home to see it for the first time. I had already signed the lease, so we were stuck for a year whether he liked it or not. On top of that, he was going to be living there for six months by himself! I really, really hoped and prayed he would like it, and he did! In fact, it was almost identical to the house he grew up in. We just new we had found the perfect place to start our new life together.

Picture of our first home

And we had. 🙂

Next week, I’ll share some of our favorite memories from the farmhouse. Hint, as with any farmhouse, dead mice are involved.



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