Friday Favorites #2

Friends, the weekend is upon us! So far my weekend is shaping up quite nicely, and by that I mean I have NO plans other than a bonfire tonight with the hubby. And I really do have to clean the house at some point this weekend.

I need a maid. Or some friendly forest animals. Or Matilda’s magical powers.

I’m not picky.

But for now, it’s time to share some of my favorite moments from the past week!

01. Mom’s Birthday Dinner!

We try to have dinner with my grandparents at least once a week anyway, but this week was better than usual because it was my mom’s birthday! She’s the only girl, so she’s a little spoiled (whether she admits it or not), and my grandfather, aka Poppa, pulled out all the stops. He cooks the best steak, and spoiled us all with a delicious dinner. I’m happy to celebrate your birthday anytime, Mom.

02. Aldi Shopping Trips with Kelly

Aldi opened in our town a little over a year ago, but I always forget to shop there because I’m a creature of habit. Since Kelly works so close to me now (Yay!), we decided to go after work and get groceries for the week. Well, I needed groceries. She just went with me for fun and because she knows I hate doing anything by myself. Yes, I have issues. I ended up getting a week’s worth of groceries for a little over 50 dollars! I spy a weekly tradition?

03. Lunch Dates with this Cutie!


Hubs was on fall break this week, so he got to come have lunch with me! This image pretty much sums up our week. He had way too much caffeine in attempts to keep up with homework, and my work has been super slow because my boss is out of town. Apparently,no one wants to come talk to just me. Strange. I’m obviously quite charming.

What were some of your favorite moments this week? Do you go to the same grocery store out of habit? Or do you shop the sales?



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