To the Woman Who Gave Me Everything

When I look at the many, many blessings I have in my life today, I can’t help but credit them all back to you.

I’m happily married to my best friend, but only because you taught me what true love really looks like.

I have a beautiful home, but only because you reminded me that a home has less to do with fancy furnishings and more to do with the love found within.

I have a job that I love, but only because you encouraged me to follow God’s leading in my life and not settle for anything less than His perfect will.

I have real joy, but only because you showed me everyday how to find the good in everyone and everything around me.

I have a deeply rooted relationship with God, but only because you were a constant example of His love to me.

So, thank you, Mom.

And Happy Birthday to the most wonderful person I have ever met.



3 thoughts on “To the Woman Who Gave Me Everything

  1. Moments remembered from deep in the heart and shared with others always bring smiles, warm feelings and tears of joy. There will be rivers of tears of joy from your Mother and she deserves every word you wrote and the best part is I know you meant every word…… beautiful “soul food” writing..

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